What We Do

NDLI ensures that all public defense leaders have access to the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and tools they need to garner sufficient resources, provide the highest quality and constitutionally effective representation to clients, and establish themselves as visible and equal partners in the improvement of their criminal justice systems. In coordination with the Research and Evaluation division, NDLI plays a central role in public defense system reform efforts, providing coalition-building, communications, training, and strategic planning expertise to reform advocates in the field.

NDLI provides:

  • management and leadership training programs, on both a national level and on a regional level tailored to the specific needs of a system or jurisdiction;
  • help when you want and need it, offered both remotely and on-site, to address specific leadership and management questions and needs;
  • information exchange, through an on-line database of standards, implementation plans, and training materials, and through the nation's only network for public defense system leaders and managers.


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