Technical Assistance


The staff of NDLI is here to provide help when you want and need it, offered both remotely and on-site, to address your specific leadership & management questions and needs. We can give you access to the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and tools you need to garner sufficient resources, provide the highest quality and constitutionally effective representation to clients, and establish yourselves as a visible and equal partner in the improvement of your criminal justice system.

Call or email us, when you need: a mentor; speakers, trainers, facilitators, or coaches; standards and guidelines for any aspect of defender systems; implementation plans; training tools and materials; or just to talk through a challenge you or your defender system is facing.

Providing effective client-centered advocacy is the core mission of every individual defender and defender organization. Yet public defense systems throughout the country face powerful forces that threaten the ability to provide this constitutionally required representation. NDLI can help you acquire or reinvigorate the skills and habits of mind, action, and heart needed to address the array of challenges that deeply affect client outcomes and inhibit the ability of defender leaders to effectively fulfill their roles as equal partners in managing and improving the criminal justice system. So contact us – we are here to help.